Remote sensing and advances in computational tools provide many exciting opportunities to discover new dimensions of ecosystem structure. I am currently working on several projects that explore the diverse aspects of 3D structure in ecosystems and how this is related to ecosystem processes and invasion using LiDAR remote sensing technologies. I am developing computational tools to combine heterogeneous datasets from ecological inventories with remote sensing. These projects include collaborations with several government agencies and corporations, including NEON Inc., US Forest Service, and Indiana DNR.

Over 70 scientists and managers interested in ecosystem structural diversity met during a workshop in May 2020 to discuss future research avenues and educational resources. This workshop was supported by NSF (award #1924942). I am currently working with many of the workshop participants to put together a special issue on “New Dimensions of Ecosystem Structural Diversity”. If you are interested in networking with this group for current and future activities, please contact me.

Tutorial for measuring structural diversity of forests using NEON data in R: